Suitable for 3yrs+ audiences and their families.

Funded by Arts Council of England.

Christmas tales with Granddad features a feast of festive stories, including the mystery of the magic whistle, and the mischievous shenanigans of the Tomten - a naught Gnome, who loves the chance to play havoc at Christmas, and who might just be the reason Granddad can't find his star for the tree.
Creating a sense of the fireside in the theatre, Granddad will weave his own brand of heart-warming storytelling and festive cheer.

Produced by Pickled Image and Cast in Doncaster
Written by Pickled Image and Adam Fuller
Performed by Vicky Andrews and Simon Kerrigan
Puppets and set by Dik Downey
Music by Simon Preston
Costumes by Jenny Reeves
Lighting Design Tim Luccasen
Technician Gwen Thomson and Chris Heigham

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