Pickled Image

Woodland Tales With Granddad

woodland tales


12 – 13 Apr
Theatre Shop, Clevedon

15 – 18 Apr
The Drum, Plymouth

Briarbush the old dog fox can sense a change in the air. It has a metal scent, something he hasn’t detected before. Even the trees are swaying and creaking differently. It’s as if they have something to tell him. On the eventide of the Summer Solstice, Briarbush returns home to his den after a long day’s hunting to find his neighbours from the opposite valley distraught and scared. They have a message to tell him, a message, which could affect the future of his beloved woods. Briarbush knows there is only one human he can trust, a kindly man known by others as Granddad, a man who could help, and persuade the human people to change their ways, a man of kindness and compassion. But is there enough time? And can the woodland be saved?

This promises to be an incredible show with an important environmental message to share.

Age guidance: 3+

Praise for Pickled Image:

“Magical, beguiling, emotional and eye-wideningly beautiful.”
Bristol 24/7

Produced by: Pickled Image
Directed by: Emma Williams
Written by: Hattie Naylor & Pickled Image
Set design & construction: Pickled Image
Puppet Making: Pickled Image
Performed by: Vicky Andrews

For more information about booking the show, please contact Helena Richardson
Tel +44 (0)2083189365 mobile +44(0)7931801091
Email info@richardsonprm.com

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