Pickled Image

Houdini’s Suitcase

Produced by: Pickled Image and Nordland Visual Theatre
Written, Designed & Performed by: Pickled Image
Directed by: Emma Lloyd
Music: Simon Preston

Tour: UK and Worldwide. 2006 – 2009

The show explores the fictional life of Joshka Malouth, a one-time apprentice to the great Harry Houdini. An old man sits on top of a towering pile of luggage. As the bags open up, a cast of bizarre and unusual characters emerge to reveal moments from his past. Won first prize at the Belo Horizonte Puppet Festival in Brazil 2007.

Truly stunning and engaging. The closet thing to a perfect piece of theatre I have ever seen. With the combination of music, sound, stunning puppets and characterisation it was sheer and utter magic
Audience Member – Beverly Puppet Festival 2008

Funded by Arts Council Grants for the Arts.

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