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The Shop Of Little Horrors

The Shop Of Little Horrors

Grimlake’s Emporium of Novelties: a dilapidated shop on the outskirts of Nowhere, where corny magic tricks and strange puppets collect dust and cobwebs. No one has entered the shop for years, but that’s just fine by proprietor Albert Grimlake.

Albert is a man obsessed with puppets, particularly ventriloquist dummies – each face lovingly crafted by his own hand, and bearing an uncanny resemblance to customers, friends and family long gone.

But Grimlake is growing old and knows he won’t last forever. He has no son, no successor. Time is running out to find someone to keep the Emporium open, someone to breathe life into his creations, someone who shares his peculiar passion for puppets…

Enter Eric. He’s young, he’s eager, and he’s seen all the Muppet movies, twice. He’s the perfect applicant: keener than mustard and easily moulded. But Eric discovers there’s so much to learn.

How do you scream without moving your lips?

The Shop of Little Horrors is a dark and twisted show with a wicked sense of humour, featuring a macabre collection of characters. Using extraordinary puppets, masks and props, Pickled Image has created a show to rival their sell out international successes, Houdini’s Suitcase, Hunger and Late Night Wolf Tales.

Recommended for ages 12 – adult

P.S. This show contains no carnivorous plants

Produced by: Pickled Image and The North Wall
Directed by: Emma Williams
Dramaturg: Adam Peck
Composer and Sound Designer: Simon Preston
Lighting Design & Technician: Anna Barrett
Set/Puppet Design and Construction: Pickled Image
Puppet Making: Pickled Image, Emma Powell, Rebecca Prior
Costume: Jenny Reeves
Performed by: Dik Downey & Adam Blake

Funded by Arts Council Grants for the Arts.

For further information and tour booking please contact Helena Richardson on 0208 318 9365 | Helena@richardsonprm.com

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19/11/2014 Bath Spa University, Bath
Tue 03/03/2015 Vestfold Cultural Rucksack Norway
Wed 04/03/2015 Vestfold Cultural Rucksack
Thu 05/03/2015 Vestfold Cultural Rucksack
Fri 06/03/2015 Vestfold Cultural Rucksack
Tue 10/03/2015 Sandefjord Sandefjord, Norway
Wed 11/03/2015 Sandefjord Sandefjord, Norway
Fri 12/06/2015 Oslo, Norway
Sat 13/06/2015 Oslo, Norway
Sun 14/06/2015 Oslo, Norway

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Catch our production of The Little Shop of Horrors later this month at Bath Spa – more details here.

The anarchic, dark and twisted comedy show has been a huge hit across the country with audiences and critics.

Check out some of the lovely press quotes and audience feedback we have received along the way. We hope to tour the UK with the production in the future so keep checking the website and social media platforms for more details about that and our new projects coming up.

“A truly macabre gruesome story told with a wicked sense of humour by a talented duo of accomplished performers”
British Theatre Guide

“Mixing murder, obsession and the macabre in a style similar to the ‘The League of Gentleman'”
Animations Online

“If you can imagine Harold Pinter and Alfred Hitchcock creating a puppet show together then you can get some idea of what to expect from Pickled Image’s new production”
***** Oxford Times

“The play keeps you enthralled throughout, brilliantly blending horror and humour”
Salisbury Journal

“The design and technical aspects of this piece are flawless. The puppets are beautifully detailed (if not initially a little unnerving) and are brought to life with finesse and expertise”
Public Reviews

Audience Comments

“Really original – the puppetry, comedy, theatre, puppets – the whole lot, a true inspiration. More please!”

“That was my favourite puppet show thank you so much”

“Best thing I have seen in ages”

“Dark, funny and brilliantly inventive”

“Everyone left smiling”

“Has made me look at puppetry in a new and splendid light”

“Brilliant, hilarious, imaginative and bonkers!”

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