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Poggy is a lip-syncing puppet made from cardboard. It doesn’t require glue, or cello-tape to put it together, just your hands and a set of instructions. Being a flat-pack puppet, it’s completely revolutionary in its design, and we believe could change the face of puppet distribution.

The puppet comes with a head and body template and different shaped noses, ears, and hairstyles. So it can be male or female of any age, you could even colour in the hair, draw on moustaches, eyes, eyebrows, freckles, and skin tone. The puppet is a template for you to create a character from your imagination, and can be whatever you want it to be.

Poggy was designed by Emma Powell.

Poggy logo, designed by Farrows Creative

Uses for Poggy

Education: schools and colleges wishing to use puppets as part of their curriculum could use Poggy to help in a  variety of ways from literacy and drama (you could write and devise plays using the puppet), history (create historical characters), and other arts related activities such as Design & Technology.

Therapy: therapists could use Poggy as part of a counseling session with children. Hospitals could use the puppet for bedside visits in their wards (it has the potential to be a sterile product) and specialists working with children with special needs, could use the puppet to help with communication and learning.

Retail: Eventually we want to have Poggy’s in shops across the country. It will be a fun activity for children and their parents to make at home, and we can see it being sold from outlets such as book shops, galleries, museums, toy shops and online.

Long-term goal: Our aim is for Poggy to be available to some of the most underprivileged children across the world, and we would like to see it being used in refugee camps and schools in developing countries and hope to make links with large charities linked to this kind of work.

If you would like to find out more about Poggy please contact Vicky Andrews on mail@pickledimage.co.uk