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Santa’s Little Trolls

Jeremy really, really loves Christmas. All he wants is for each Christmas to be perfect; mince pies, stockings, mistletoe and especially, (and this is the icing on the Christmas cake)…lots and lots of SNOW!

But, who exactly brings the snow? Santa? Rudolph? Jack Frost? No, it’s the one job left in the heavy hands of the Trolls of Winter. However, the trolls are fed up with never getting any of the credit. It’s always those cheery, little elves and that red nosed reindeer celebrated at Christmas, while the hard working trolls miss out.

Not once have they been on an advent calendar or featured in a carol, so this year, unless they get their ugly mugs on at least one Christmas card, there will be NO SNOW!
With silliness, laughter, stunning puppets (and maybe a humbug or two), Pickled Image (Fireside Tales with Granddad and Wolf Tales) present a magical Christmas extravaganza – Santa’s Little Trolls!

Praise for Santa’s Little Trolls:

“The run was a triumph, greeted with massive enthusiasm and smashing box-office records on the way. I loved the non-patronising, inclusive nature of the story – the age range is often talked down to, and the extraordinary levels of care and love given to so many details of the show. We’re absolutely thrilled to have hosted the show here.”
Ali Robertson Tobacco Factory

“A delightful show for the whole family.”
Isobel Smith on Travels with Granddad

“a smattering of killer lines for all ages and one fine comic creation”
Venue on Wolf Tales

RUNNING TIME approx. 45mins

2 – 6 year olds and their families

Funded by Arts Council of England.

For further information and tour booking please contact Helena Richardson on +44 (0)7931 801091 | helena@richardsonprm.com

DIRECTED BY John Nicholson
PERFORMED BY Vicky Andrews,
Jesse Meadows & Vic Llewellyn
WRITTEN BY Adam Fuller
PUPPETS BY Pickled Image
MUSIC BY Simon Preston

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