Pickled Image


Alongside theatrical productions, Pickled Image has sustained and developed a strong and thriving educational strand which explores different elements to puppetry, whether its puppet making and design to puppet manipulation and character development. Workshops have been held in various schools and institutions in the UK ranging from Primary schools, Art Colleges, Museums, Theatres and Universities.

Educational Show: Travels With Granddad

An interactive, storytelling adventure for Year 1 children.

Meet Granddad, eccentric traveler and storyteller extraordinaire…

It’s early morning, and in a disused corner of a classroom a battered tent is erected, showing wear and tear from years of travel around the globe. Lit from inside, mysterious shadows can be seen playing on canvas, strange music and the smell of incense drift through the air. Inside Granddad is fast asleep surrounded by souvenirs that he has collected on his travels ­ each a clue to Granddad’s history…

Through detective work the children are encouraged to record what they have seen, heard, smelt and touched and assemble evidence to help Granddad remember where he has been and where he has come from. By the end of the session story maps are created by the children to help Granddad remember his stories. The workshop and show are available for bookings in schools on an ongoing basis.

They loved it, even those who find social speaking and social interaction difficult. It really inspired me to think again, outside the box, and be more creative” – Teacher at Fonthill Primary School, Bristol.

Puppet Manipulation Workshops

Take the form of teaching the participants basic puppetry skills in eye line and lip sync exercises using our custom made workshop puppets. Full bodied, articulated puppets are also provided for movement and choreography, the “Bunraku’ method of puppet manipulation is taught with this type of workshop puppet and is particularly beneficial to people who want a more comprehensive understanding of movement and manipulation. Teamwork is an essential tool to all of our workshops.

Puppet Making Workshops

As highly skilled and expert puppet makers we teach different methods of puppet making from latex, foam, even newspaper. Workshops can be short day courses in basic puppet making or as long as one week with our more intensive training, creating a latex puppet; this involves sculpting a head in clay, taking a two-part mould in plaster and finally a latex copy from the mould. Our workshops can cater for people of all ages and abilities, and have been successful in primary schools and educational institutions in the UK and across Europe. Private tuition can be organised, with the Company offering one on one tuition on a whole range of styles and products in our workshop in Bristol.

For more information please contact Vicky Andrews – mail@pickledimage.co.uk, tel +44 (0)7974 147 521