Pickled Image



TOURING 2016/2017

2-7th April 2017 –  Shows in Nordland County Tour booked by Nordland Visual Theatre
23rd April 2017 – Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury
4-6th May 2017 – Greenwich Theatre London

31-3rd Sept 2017 – At.Tension Festival, Lärz, Germany

4 Oct 2017 – Spectaculo Interesse, Ostrava, Czech Republic

15 Oct 2017 – Berger, Vestfold, Norway

5-7 May 2018 – Fira Titelles, Llerida, Spain

8-18 May 2018 – FIDENA, Bochum, Germany

Dik and Adam are Clowns! They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone a surreal cardboard world. Why are they there and what are they supposed to be doing? They know something sinister is afoot (wearing really big shoes…) and they need to get out before it’s too late. Join them on a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying quest for freedom.

A 75-minute show featuring slapstick, mime, puppetry and a LOT of cardboard.

Contains disappointing nudity and some language better suited to those aged 14+

Produced by: Pickled Image and Nordland Visual Theatre
Directed by: John Nicholson
Performed by: Dik Downey and Adam Blake
Concept and Script: Dik Downey, Adam Blake and John Nicholson
Set Design: Pickled Image and Emma Powell
Puppet Making: Dik Downey and Emma Powell
Props and Objects: Emma Powell
Composer and Sound Designer: Simon Preston
Linda Anneveld
Light Design and Technical Solutions
Jan Erik Skarby, Marianne Thallaug Wedset and Onela Keal
Technician and PR Design:
Onela Keal
Film Maker and Photographer
: Adam Laity
Creative Producer: Vicky Andrews

Funded by Arts Council of England and Nordland Visual Theatre.

For further information and tour booking please contact Helena Richardson on +44 (0)7931 801091 | helena@richardsonprm.com

“Masterful clown-play. The term ‘fear of clowns’ is lifted to a completely new level after the latest masterpiece from Pickled Image.”

“I haven’t laughed so hard since I saw Flåklypa Grand Prix (a Norwegian animated film) as a seven year old, and I almost got sad when it all was over.”
Even Biering-Strand

“Pickled Image’s two super clowns took it all out.

“Coulrophobia – fear of clowns” is one of the sickest things I have seen on a stage. It is an unrestrained display of theatrical madness I can promise you have never experienced before.”
Five on the dice
Kristian Rødvand, Rana Blad 14/2/15

“This really is a fabulous show, laugh out loud good, funny, inventive, full of craziness.” Theatre Voice

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