Pickled Image


Formed in 2000, Pickled Image specialises in puppetry for live performance and theatre. Since its inception the company has gained international recognition and numerous awards for their darkly humorous visual productions.

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Vicky trained as a sculptor, illustrator and theatre designer. She produces and designs all of Pickled Image’s shows. She enjoys working in non-traditional theatre spaces with collaborators from all over the world.

Designer: The Shop of Little Horrors, Wolf Tales, Fireside Tales with Granddad, Little Edie (co-produced with Nordland Visual Theatre), Hunger (Pickled Image] The Lost World, Around The World in Eighty Days, (Bristol Old Vic), Bath Time (Oxford Playhouse)

Producer: For pickled image – Houdini’s Suitcase, Hunger (both co-produced with Nordland Visual Theatre), Mange Tout (co-produced with Delit De Façade, Paris)

Director: Hunger, Little Edie, and Mange Tout

Performer: Fireside Tales With Granddad, Travels With Granddad, Houdini’s Suitcase, Peep Show and Bernard’s Puppet Bonanza

Personal Statement: I love working within the arts, it’s both rewarding and challenging, I would hate to do a job which was predictable


As an experienced and highly talented designer and puppet maker, Dik has created all of the company’s most striking puppets. Most recently he created the stunning Great White Shark for Mark Bruce Company.

Puppet & Mask Maker (outside of Pickled Image): Mark Bruce Company, Turak Theatre, Puppet Broad Casting Company, Garsington Opera and BBC

Director: Mange Tout, Hunger, Little Edie

Performer / puppeteer: Houdini’s Suitcase, Wolf Tales, Bernard’s Puppet Bonanza, Peep Show, and Shop Of Little Horrors

Previously: He worked with the acclaimed Green Ginger from 1994 – 2003 as well as performing as a fire-eater, escapologist and clown

Personal Statement: I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I can make puppets, create shows and arse about for a living


The Mark Bruce Company

Pickled Image enjoys a close working partnership with The Mark Bruce Company, an acclaimed dance company which pushes the boundaries of style and expectations.

We have created ambitious props for many of their productions, including a 12 foot Great White Shark for “Made In Heaven” and a giant spider for “Love and War”.

The Puppet Place Charity

In 2008 Pickled Image, Green Ginger and Full Beam Visual Theatre came together to re-start The Puppet Place, a charity that was originally set up in 1984 to support puppetry across the South West of England.

We have since moved to dedicated offices which include rehearsal and making spaces. Puppet Place acts as a hub for emerging and established practitioners throughout the region.


Pickled Image regularly perform at The Bristol Festival Of Puppetry


Pickled Image enjoy a unique relationship with Nordland Visual Theatre. Situated in the Arctic circle, the theatre plays a key role in developing and promoting visual theatre in Norway with the ambition to bring international companies to produce and create shows with the theatre.

Pickled Image also enjoys working with a raft of talented collaborators:

Mark Bruce Company
The North Wall
Richardson PRM
Puppet Place
Green Ginger
Full Beam Visual Theatre
Figur Teatret
Intrigue Productions
Dishy Design
Farrows Creative
Arts Council
Bristol Old Vic
Tobacco Factory Theatre
Fools Paradise
Get Your Head Round It